How to Eliminate Cockroaches

For every homeowner, cockroaches are a pain. They appear to pop out of nowhere randomly in our house. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get rid of these pesky pests.  

Aside from contacting your local pest control Memphis TN company, here are a couple of ideal ways to eliminate cockroaches: 

Lemon Juice 

This method is not fatal for the pest. However, it keeps them away from your house. As far as most homeowners know, lemon juice is one of the ideal ingredients for getting rid of gunk, stains, and grease in your home’s surfaces. However, the ability to repel roaches is another great thing that lemon juice offers.  

For those who don’t know, any citrus fruit, such as lemon, contains anti-pathogenic properties that cockroaches don’t like. All you need to do is to mix lemon and water. The proportion doesn’t really matter a lot. However, it is ideal to have more lemon than water in the solution to make it more effective. The smell of this solution will repel any cockroach.   

Boric Acid 

You can create your own boric acid by combining 1 part of sugar and 3 parts of borax. However, you might be able to buy one from your nearest shop. Boric acid is one of the ideal ways to eliminate cockroaches. There are a lot of things that these pests are resilient to. However, boric acid is not one of them.  

This solution is poisonous and it is one of the ideal traps to guarantee the death of roaches invading your house. You can place this solution ideally in places that the pests often run off to. This includes a tight dark space in your room or under the fridge. The concept here is to have them come into contact with the solution.  

The solution works by dehydrating the exoskeleton of the cockroach. Of course, whenever the pest tries to clean its appendages or antennae, they will consume the solution which will kill them in a couple of minutes.  

Sugar and Baking Soda Solution 

Sugar and baking soda solution is a successful yet simple method of getting rid of cockroaches in your house. While it isn’t as fast as the boric acid solution, this solution will do the job of getting rid of cockroaches in your house. 

Sugar and baking soda are ingredients that are extremely common in every household. You can also purchase them easily at any store. All you’ve got to do is to combine 50 percent of sugar and 50 percent of baking soda. To make the solution more appealing to the pests, you can also add honey or syrup. You can leave the solution in a dark secluded place in a shallow jar or pot. The next then you’re going to do is to wait.  

The mixture will kill the cockroach slowly once they consume it. It might take a couple of hours for them to die. The job of the baking soda is to destroy their digestive track while the job of the sugar is to attack the pest.